Vegan For Life

I love being vegan. I eat so much more interesting food than I ever did as an omnivore, and definitely more healthy food. The best part is that I feel light, as if a burden has been lifted. I don't have the constant inner struggle with the guilt of knowing living beings were being killed and tortured merely for the pleasure of my tastebuds. I wrote a poem almost two years ago after seeing dairy cows in small muddy lots all across California. Let's just say they didn't look like happy cows to me...

California Dairy Cows

Black and white

milk machines bred for

my dining pleasure. Standing

foot deep in mud and

urine. Udders swollen with

food for stolen calves you will

never see again.

For my mint-chocolate-chip, you

will never graze green pastures. For

sour cream on a baked potato, you

sleep in shit. Buttering my toast

is cruel and unusual


I don't have that guilt anymore and it feels wonderful. Franz Kafka is said to have summed it up very well while looking at fish in an aquarium...

"Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you any more."