Love it when the company caters food for us...

Not! Today was the monthly birthday "treat" day. As usual, nothing I'll eat. A selection of baby bundt cakes from The Corner Bakery, covered in icing. I actually tried to find the nutrition information on their website - not there. Surprisingly, they don't want to tell people just how much fat and calories they're consuming with their baked goods.

On my search, I decided to go look at Einstein Bros Bagel's nutrition information and found that one of my old favorites, the Fruit & Nut Power Bagel, has an egg wash. Why? None of their regular bagels do... why this one? So I wrote them a polite nasty-gram telling them how stupid and foul it was for them to do that.

Plus side... had two different conversations with folks in my department today about being vegan and what I eat.


The Big Bread

Made the Big Bread recipe from VegWeb.com to take to a potluck. It was so easy!

My oven's inaccurate temp guage strikes again. A little dark, but still be edible - yummy in fact!



The Spiral Diner has a new specials menu! Stroganoff is on there, so I had to have some, and it was awesome! Chase it down with an almond milk latte, and I'm in vegan heaven :-)


The "Mitch" Tofu Club @ Spiral Diner

Grilled tofu, tomato, lettuce, Baco bits, Chipotle mayo & avocado, w/ their fantastic potato salad! YUM!