Cleaning out cupboards

I spent the better part of my weekend going through my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This is a chore I've been putting off for quite some time, but I couldn't stand it any longer.

I threw out a good sized garbage bag of items that weren't vegan, and it felt great. Still got a ways to go, but I'm slowly getting there. I had intended to use up my non-vegan toiletries, but the thought of using items that were manufactured with cruelty and death has begun to weigh heavily on me. I still have a large amount of cleaning supplies that I'm not sure I can continue using much longer.

There are a few things I still have no choice on for the moment. Any medications are automatically not vegan, and I have one that I can't stop taking yet. I don't have the money to replace all my shoes for work yet. But any new purchases I buy will be vegan.

The longer I am vegan, and the more I learn, the more I realize how oblivious I've been to the suffering infused in the products I use. What I used to think of as unreasonable, now seem to be the only ethically consistent choices to make.
Every hour over one million animals are killed for food in the US. If each of us cut our intake by 10% 1 billion animals would be spared per year