I've been slacking on the new recipes

So I made two this week. The first is the vegetable curry recipe from The Garden of Vegan. I don't think I chopped the broccoli and cauliflower up as small as they intended, and I didn't have any carrots, but it turned out wonderfully anyway. Also, it called for it to be served with jasmine rice, but all I had was basmati...

I also made an Indian dahl recipe from Asian Vegan Cooking. I didn't have yellow split peas, so I used green instead - again, turned out wonderfully anyway...

All this industriousness was inspired by a need to use a bunch of vegetables that were about to go bad because they've been sitting in my veggie bin for over a week while I was too sick to cook much of anything. Now that I'm feeling much better, I felt I should salvage what I could. The plus is that both recipes made enough that I can eat them for several lunches this week!

My V-Day treat

I took myself out to eat Thursday for V-Day to - where else - the Spiral Diner. They had these adorable little petit fours, so I took a couple home with me since I was, as usual, too full for dessert. They were as yummy as they were cute. And that is a synthetic leather top on my writing desk - in case you were wondering :-p