Borders had Veganomicon displayed in the center aisle on a display titled "For the Foodie" between two Barefoot Contessa cookbooks... can't decide if it's a good thing to be lumped in with the foodies.

All You Can Eat Pancakes!

Cranberry pecan pancakes at the Spiral Diner, with an almond milk mocha... I think I believe in heaven now.


Celebration Roast!

Being pretty lazy Thursday night, I pulled some stuff outof the fridge to toss together. I ended up warming up some leftover Celebration Roast, smothered in brown gravy with mushrooms. Some quick home fries on the side, and it was comfort food, quick and easy. Absolutely delish!


Pumpkin Nut Bread

I made this last night from a favorite pre-vegan recipe. I substituted flax "eggs" and soymilk for the animal secretions. I truly cannot tell the difference from when I made it before going vegan. Yum!