My first post as the Austin Vegan Examiner

It was a bit rushed and not my best work, but I'll get better. I'll be covering various vegan topics, and plan to post several times a week.



  1. Becca,

    Hi! Before I go any farther I just want to introduce myself because my mother instilled a very strict attention to proper etiquette at a very young age. I’m Emily. :D
    Now that I’ve satisfied my inner Emily Post I can let you know that I recently did a makeover of Shelby’s blog, La Belle Vegan. Check it out here: http://labellevegan.blogspot.com/

    I’m doing a giveaway for another special blogger to redesign there site. If you are interested drop by my site and check it out!

    I read the article and was quite impressed. You are an excellent writer!

    With Love,


  2. Thanks Becca! I was kind of bummed the pb fudge had turned to mush due to it being so warm. By the way, it was great to meet you.